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I have a nice s…

Monday, 21. May 2012

I have a nice script and want to read its return value in a “bash -c” statement. Here is my script: #!/bin/bash exit 100  and this is what happens when I execute it: bash; echo $? 100  Nice! It shows me the return value! But wait – what if I use bash -c to […]

Simulating Wireless Sensor Networks (or pretty much anything) on NS2

Friday, 30. March 2012

Hi to all students and researchers out there who are left to wonder “how should I do this – how can I simulate something using NS2?”! I have an answer for you, but you will NOT like it: You will have to implement your simulation. Simply using what comes along in the ns2 package is […]

Kernel build tree does not exist?

Friday, 30. March 2012

Hi. It’s me again. Some problem, that I have seen wrongly described in forums is the following: When I compile mISDN under Debian with Kernel 2.6.26 (mISDN is included in the kernel version 2.6.27 and up), I get the problem “kernel build tree does not exist” thrown at me by the ./configure script in the […]

Hard Reset Motion Computing Tablet PC

Wednesday, 13. July 2011

The way you can turn off a Motion Computing Tablet PC when it is no longer reacting: * Remove any power source (cable, battery) * press camera, key-symbol and the square in the circle (right-top corner of dpad) at the same time * put battery back in, turn pc back on.

Mannasim on ns 2.34 (and gcc 4.3)

Tuesday, 2. March 2010

Without much bragging about it: After I read here that it was possible to run the Mannasim framework for ns2 on version 2.32, I thought that this might be as well possible for 2.34. Instead of philosophying about this (the source claims that it would take months and 1.5 years of C++ knowledge), I simply […]

Changing the Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) login screen and boot screen

Tuesday, 2. March 2010

Linus criticized it. Everybody criticized it. Config options in Gnome just keep disappearing. Instead of diversity and openess – dull generic choices. A good example is that you cannot seem to change the GDM scheme in Ubuntu 9.10. The options provided are just plain ridiculous. And no one likes brown. NO ONE LIKES BROWN! Login […]

ns2 trace files explained

Wednesday, 20. January 2010

The product after running ns2 will probably be some tracefile. They are terribly documented (as everything I am working with at the moment). A typical example of a line could be: r 3.052590420 _75_ RTR — 14 SPAN 40 [0 ffffffff 5e 0] [energy 999.989886 ei 0.000 es 0.000 et 0.001 er 0.009] ——- [94:-1 […]

Debugging TCL scripts on ns2 – yes it works for ns 2.34!

Monday, 18. January 2010

As stated at ns2 is compatible with Don Libs’ Tcl debugger. What that site doesn’t tell you is how to install it. There is a nice howto by tk424 here, but that wasn’t written for a recent version of ns2. All the same I recommend it, as it’s very useful. However I have contributed […]

Slitaz & X11 forwarding with SSH

Wednesday, 23. December 2009

Slitaz (version: Cooking 200911…) is really a great distribution. It’s lean, it’s full featured, it offers a great choice of software and a package management system! But don’t you try installing openssh. The dropbear ssh server comes preinstalled & offers everything you want. If you try openssh, beware: some bug causes the $DISPLAY parameters not […]

Debugging ns2 with mannasim

Monday, 16. November 2009

Debugging ns2 is easy (or should be): go to ns-?.?? directory run ./configure –enable-debug make clean make BUT here comes the big BUT: for the –enable-debug option the compiler flag -WError is passed to gcc and will make it throw errors instead of warnings in many cases – for the (sometimes not too well written) […]