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Root the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini, free memory

Wednesday, 6. April 2011

This is a howto to get more free space on your X10 min smartphone. And some rambling that I wanted to get out there desperately. Let’s start with my rambling. The X10 mini is a nice phone. It is in fact the best phone I have ever had. Not because it is a good phone […]

Enable DMA in Windows even if it’s greyed out

Wednesday, 10. October 2007

Without DMA your PC is getting really lame. Mine too. Why does my Windows keep disabling DMA all the time though? The answer seems to be simple: If an error occurs, Windows sets DMA to disabled, which is quite an itch if you don’t want to trash your laptop right after the first 2 months […]

HOWTO: Make HP PrecisionScan LT work under Windows 2000 (multiuser environment)

Friday, 8. June 2007

Hello again, What I wanted to do:  Give everybody on a Win 2K Pro machine access to an USB scanner attached to the computer. Should be easy, shouldn’t it? What the problems turned out to be: The driver/software package is a terrible combination of crap. Thus only the user that installed it can use the […]

SystemC – am I simply not worthy?

Tuesday, 22. May 2007

First question: What is SystemC? That one’s easy. SystemC is a C++ library that features simulation features (modules, threads, signals, ports, …). It is open source. And it sucks. So what’s the problem? I just wanted to use a recent version of gcc (3.4 and 4.1) to compile the library. And it gave me shit. […]

Compiling with make

Sunday, 20. May 2007

So what do we have here? make depend gives me cannot find include file “iostream” That’s not very good, is it? Well – just apt-get libstdc++6 – and on we go… Another important thing: find /usr/include | grep foo.h will give you the directories, that you need to include in your Makefile. Read on! Knowledge […]

Debian GNU/Linux Networking and problems

Sunday, 22. April 2007

Etch is here. At last. Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 really was worth waiting, but now that it is here and that I have installed it on my Averatec 3250 Laptop (12”, AMD Athlon XP M), several problems occured. It’s always the same when installing a Linux distribution on it:The VIA graphics drivers (for really tremendously […]

Why does Quicktime have to suck under Vista?

Sunday, 22. April 2007

Installing Quicktime 7.1.5? That can’t take longer than a few minutes, can it? On Windows Vista it does. During installation, several errors occur. When opening certain 3gp movies an error message shows up. File Associations aren’t installed. General User Experience sucks. Hummm… and there is another problem: Although Apple claims to have removed lots of […]

Convert iCal to …

Thursday, 19. April 2007

“So what? – I just wanted to import it to Google Calendar!” Today I stumbled upon the problem of importing my schedule (that I got as an iCal file out of an online booking system) into Gcal. Should be easy. Yeah. It should. As long as you have a valid iCal-file it should work out […]