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I have a nice s…

I have a nice script and want to read its return value in a “bash -c” statement. Here is my script:

exit 100 

and this is what happens when I execute it:

bash; echo $? 

Nice! It shows me the return value! But wait – what if I use bash -c to run these 2 commands in a subshell? 

bash -c "bash; echo $?" 

WTF? It shows me 0 as return value? That can’t be! Well – yes it can. And here is the way to do it right:

bash -c 'bash; echo $?' 

Using single quotes (‘) instead of double quotes (“), I get what I want. I execute a subshell, run a script inside it and can read the return value from the $? variable! IT’S MAGIC!!!


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