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Debugging ns2 with mannasim

Debugging ns2 is easy (or should be):

  1. go to ns-?.?? directory
  2. run ./configure –enable-debug
  3. make clean
  4. make

BUT here comes the big BUT:

for the –enable-debug option the compiler flag -WError is passed to gcc and will make it throw errors instead of warnings in many cases – for the (sometimes not too well written) Mannasim code, this is deadly: It won’t compile due to formalities.

If you get errors when compiling ns with Mannasim in order to debug: Edit the configure script and change the part where -WError is passed. It will compile like a charm (if you don’t run into compiler bugs).

You might want to pass arguments to the executable that you want to debug.

you can do this without problems:

gdb [gdbarguments] -args yourexecutable yourarguments

By calling a gdb-script, you can run the executable automatically and also quit gdb if everything went fine.

Create such a batch file by running

echo "run" > run.script

and execute it like this:

gdb [gdbarguments] -x run.script -args yourexecutable yourarguments

And all of a sudden you have the possibility to call gdb inside of scripts without having to type run all over again. Practical, huh?

Read on! Knowledge hurts.


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