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SPAN protocol implementation on NS-2 with gcc 4.3

Jim Lindeman submitted to Benjie Chen code of his SPAN implementation for ns-2. It has been available since 2005 here:

I updated it to run with gcc 4.x and made it into a patch file in order to apply it in an easy way. It is available at .

How to apply:

Download the ns-2.28-allinone distribution, (patch for configure scripts in ns-2.28) and (patch that inserts SPAN into a fresh ns-2.28-allinone), then unzip all files.

cd ns-allinone-2.28
patch -p1 < ns2.28-gcc4-configure-scripts.patch
patch -p1 < ns2.28-span-gcc4.patch

Have fun with the SPAN protocol on NS-2, THE Network Simulator.

Read on! Knowledge hurts.


15 Responses to “SPAN protocol implementation on NS-2 with gcc 4.3”

  1. A ver cabrones, que tiene que funcionar con mpls!!!

    Asi se hace en la universidad carlos III de España…

    Sí, es correcto…

  2. MPLS? Are you sure you’re not mixing up something?

  3. hi, i am working on ns 2.34 and want to run span code how i do this kndly tell me m very thank ful to u

  4. The fact that you are working on ns 2.34 doesn’t mean that any protocol that was ever simulated with ns2 will run on this version.

    Most of the time, a certain protocol implementation has been written for a certain version of ns2. Unfortunatelly, not all APIs inside of ns2 are very stable. That means that a lot of adaptation is needed for things to work smoothly.

    I actually have done the work to adapt Span to ns 2.28, but I remember it only hardly runs.

    My advice: Check, if you cannot use ns 2.28 for your purposes concerning the Span protocol. If you want to compare it with other protocols, the version of ns2 is not as important as really understanding the simulated protocols.
    Look at the change logs of ns2 between ns 2.28 and 2.34. If you see a relevant module of ns2 that has changed in between and will influence your results, then you really will have to adapt Span to ns 2.34, wich will indeed be a lot of work. Otherwise – let it be.

  5. SIR,im working in SPAN much is the throughput value for SPAN protocol u got? please tell me so that it will be useful…also how many source and destinations u have considered?
    please guide me with SPAN,what all parameters can be analyzed…please reply sir…Thank you

  6. I did work on the SPAN protocol, but the assumptions might not be exactly what you need. I would suggest, you start looking at the SPAN papers that have been published and if that info is not specific enough for you, there is no other way than simulating it yourself.

    • ok sir,i understand. i have deployed nodes uniformly in the field.Here cbr rate is 1Kbps. The field size is 100m*100m and 100 nodes are deployed.. i got throughput as 200bytes..just see whether it is correct please tell me just the range of values for throughput approximately..Thank you

  7. i’ m working on ns2 2.34.i want to run span in this ns2 2.34 version is match with span protocol. how i do this?

  8. hi,
    There is a little problem that the patch file “ns2.28-gcc4-configure-scripts.patch” is not downloadable, rather it only gives the same GCC 4.3 patch twice.

    Kindly upload both the patches thanks..

  9. sorry little mistake in my PC but it works both of em…….

    thanks so much

  10. sir, i need to patch span algorithm with ns-2.34. but patch only available for ns-2.28. if any possiblity to patch with ns-2.34. actually i tried,using ns-2.34 by modifying the files by using the patch for span. The simulation performed but when analyzing trace file all the data packets are dropped. I don”t know sir how to solve this.

    sir, actually i installed ns-2.34 in fedora 13. i tried to install ns-2.28 in fedora 13. but the result is failure.

    Can u give me guidance to install ns-2.28. which platform is the best one to install.
    pls sir. can u reply me immediatly.

    sir another one doubt… i need trace format when running span algorithm

  11. dis blg is still active?? I need help want to run SPAN lot of question si have

  12. Need solution for this error

    ld: hidden symbol `__stack_chk_fail_local’ isn’t defined
    ld: final link failed: Bad value
    make: *** [] Error 1
    otcl-1.9 make failed! Exiting …
    See for problems

    how to check for SPAN results urgent plzzzz, my thesis submission deadlines are very close

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