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Nvidia sucks, HP doubly so: About bad engineering and packaging.

HP sucks terribly!!! Yesterday, I completely took apart an HP dv2000 laptop. If you think taking apart laptops is fun, don’t read on. If you think, it’s risky business and a lot of damn fucking work, you might wonder: Why did I take it apart?

I had turned it on – it didn’t post. No beeps, but no BIOS screen. Nothing.

Of course I looked the problem up. There are MILLIONS of people out there complaining about defunct DV2000 and DV6000 laptops – all this due to a manufacturing problem at Nvidia.

I complained to HP. They called me and said that they were sorry to hear that the service fee of over 400 € for replacing the motherboard didn’t suit me and suggested going to an independent repair service. I was stunned. A problem that lay clearly on their side – just canceled off like that? WTF?

The problem: The BGA soldering of the graphic chip is bad. And the chip keeps heating up and extending and then cooling down and shrinking again all the time. Until some connections break.This is further helped by some bad heat conducting (or so we hope) foam pad of 2mm that is between graphic chip and cooler and lets the chip move almost freely.

I mean, really: I have disliked HP for a long time because of their printing supply business model and I didn’t think much of the quality of their products. But this shocked me. A HP product that goes defunct 5 months after guarantee ends? And HP only providing a BIOS update to make the fan turn faster??? Not using the 200 Million US$ provided by nVidia to help their customers? Where did all that money go??

I still haven’t finished reassembling the laptop. Let’s see what happens. But I am highly disappointed.

Read on! Knowledge hurts.


One Response to “Nvidia sucks, HP doubly so: About bad engineering and packaging.”

  1. Well, as ist turns out reheating the solder with a heat gun (so called “reflowing”) actually did the trick – the notebook is running again and I saved 400 EUR.

    I am still disappointed by HP though. This error should be cared of with a recall of all the affected laptops (which indeed would cost millions, but still…).

    Ah: I somehow broke my touchpad. Bravo…

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