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Convert iCal to …

“So what? – I just wanted to import it to Google Calendar!”

Today I stumbled upon the problem of importing my schedule (that I got as an iCal file out of an online booking system) into Gcal. Should be easy. Yeah. It should. As long as you have a valid iCal-file it should work out ok. But it simply doesn’t always. Google didn’t want to import anything. Nor would Sunbird or Outlook 2002. Well, Sunbird did, but only if I opened it as a new calendar. Creepy.

So here is my solution after fiddling around for ages:

  • Import iCal into Korganizer (thereby use Korganizer as an iCal validating tool)
  • Make sure to adjust your timezone properly in both KDE and Google Calendar
  • Export an iCal from Korganizer
  • Import it.

Read on! Knowledge hurts.


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